• Photos from Hula Hoop Performance at Cabin Fever!

    Hi Guys!

    The Cabin Fever Electro Swing Event was excellent! A big thanks to James for bringing me in for the show. I did a newer and longer version of my Catgroove routine that now includes some double hoop moves and some more awesome triple hoop moves. Including a double chest roll while knee hooping! That move is by far the hardest one to master but I pulled it off and caught both hoops.  I was a bit worried since I’ve been training at the gym this week and my arms are SO SORE!  Luckily as soon as I get on stage and ready to perform all sense of pain always disappears instantly and rehearsed choreography sets in. I’m looking forward to the next electro swing party and am hoping to put together a new and unique act for that event as well.

    My friend Lucky took some photos of the performance.  Hope you like them!

    Much love,

    Safire Hula Hoop Performer Circus Carnival and Children's Entertainment Calgary and Edmonton
    Safire Hula Hoop Performer Circus Carnival and Children's Entertainment Calgary and Edmonton
    Safire Hula Hoop Performer Circus Carnival and Children's Entertainment Calgary and Edmonton
    Safire Hula Hoop Performer Circus Carnival and Children's Entertainment Calgary and Edmonton

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  • Astral Harvest 2012

    The new Astral Harvest website is up!  There will be tons of awesome DJs, performances, workshops and art around the festival. I went last year and had a blast. Not sure if I’ll be able to make it for this year, just got booked in Calgary on the Thursday so it would be a long drive to make up north for this one. We shall see, the party might still call me.  ; )

    Tease yourself with this wicked sampler video from last years festivities.

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  • Prop Rock a Huge Success!

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ch_IsovdGD8&w=640&h=480]

    Prop Rock brought together spinners and jugglers of all kinds for an evening performance showcase followed by a slammin’ dance party with excellent DJ’s. This event was the first of its kind in the Alberta spinning scene but is sure not to be the last. A big thanks to Carla Snow of Flowlab.ca for hosting this event.

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  • Safire’s Back in Canada with New Acts and Roving Characters

    Hello world!

    It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here, as some of you know I’ve spend most of 2010 and 2011 traveling around the globe teaching and performing hoop dance. Some of my favourite highlights were performing at the open stage at the European Juggling Convention in Munich, Germany, performing for children in schools in Bali, Indonesia and seeing Zaia, a Cirque Du Soleil production in Macao. Overall my favourite part of the journey was getting the opportunity to meet follower circus and fire performers as well as see the shows that they have created. I must say that I have been incredibly inspired! Some of the performances I saw left my jaw completely dropped and honestly left me with the thought of “I need to rehearse more.” That being said, I am excited to be back in Canada and performing again. I’ve moved into a new place with a large living room studio and will be exploring with all this new knowledge and experience to create even cleaner shows than I have before. I’m loving me new home and the space to work creatively to create specialize roving characters and unique costumes for my shows.

    My New Circus Studio in Calgary
    Finally a living room that is hoop friendly! Looking forward to posting some new videos too!

    Much love,

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  • SaFire Interview by Hoop Pretty

    SaFire was interviewed by the Hoop Pretty Blog for their series on Hoopreneurs and was asked to share her experience as an entrepreneur working in the world of hoop dance and performance arts.

    hula hoop blog

    Many hoop dancers know SaFire as the webmistress and force behind Hoop City, a community and online forum for hoopers. Well, she’s got lots of irons in the fire, we can tell you. She’s the organizer of Spin Out, a multi-prop festival, and Stitch Rippers, a DIY clothing forum. In addition, she’s a motivational speaker, top notch performer and has gotten to where she is with heaps of hard work and passion. I’m so happy to share her entrepreneurial story with you.

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  • SaFire Featured in an episode of Vice Versa

    Footage of SaFire’s Fright Nights performance was featured in an episode of Vice Versa, you’ll see it around 2:45.

    To celebrate National Hoop day, Groovehoops, a group of people who have been described (by themselves) as a group “manipulating the hoop in ways you never thought possible”, take to the streets to demonstrate what urban hulahooping is all about. Expecting excessively bright colours and a lot of fast thrusting, this is hooping at its most vivid. Special thanks to: Groovehoops.

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