• Edmonton Hula Hoop Classes w/ Flowlab

    This week Alberta Prime Time did a spot on Edmonton hula hoop classes and the local instructor Carla Snow of Flowlab. Both Safire and Carla were featured in the “Around Alberta” television spot.  The spot follows Carla Snow’s experience of transitioning from working as an accountant to working full time as a hula hoop dance instructor and teaching hula hoop classes in Edmonton, Alberta. Carla attended Safire’s local classes in Edmonton years ago and has since launched her own successful class series as well as hula hoop and prop shop.  Check out the video!

    Watch the Interview: The Hula Hoop is Making a Comeback

    Also check out Carla’s website for Edmonton Hula Hoop Classes

    edmonton hula hoop classes

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  • Calgary Hula Hoop Dancer Featured

    Chanel Hula Hoop Inspired Purse

    Hoop bag
    This week an article on Calgary featured Calgary hula hoop dancer “Safire” as a hooper to watch out for in 2013. The article begins with a nod to the recent Chanel bag designed and inspired by hula hoops. The article continues on to say about Safire:

    “Safire is a prime example of a hoop leader today, multifaceted like you wouldn’t believe she is a performer, teacher, writer, photographer, lover of life and very possibly one of the first teachers of hooping for this new generation of hula hoopers out of Canada. Alberta to be more specific! Her Youtube videos spread like wildfire and she has been behind many different initiatives to bring the hula hooping community together.

    A visionary and possibly one of the very first hula hoop instructors to have developed a deeper connection with hula hooping fans across the world thanks to her tutorials online, Safire is also another hooper who holds a very strong background in all things performance, just check out her repertoire. She teaches physical classes in Edmonton and Calgary and travels the world to teach showcase her work at various festivals!”

    Read the full article at Calgary

    Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 2.06.45 AM

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  • Fire Hula Hooping Award

    This year based on her fire hula hooping skills, Safire brought home the “Fire Hooper of the Year” award from for her skills in the art of fire hoop dance. Most known for her combination of hoop dance and traditional multi hooping, Safire’s triple fire hoop act has been seen across the globe. With an impressive 15 balls of fire whirling around her body at once, Safire has worked hard to achieve this year’s award. Read more about the Hoopies at In previous years Safire has also won a Hoopie for ‘Hoop Video of the Year’ for her video Love the Process as well as ‘Hoop Instructor of the Year’ for her series of hoop tutorials on YouTube.

    fire hula hooping

    Fire hula hooping three hoops at once

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  • SaFire Interview by Hoop Pretty

    SaFire was interviewed by the Hoop Pretty Blog for their series on Hoopreneurs and was asked to share her experience as an entrepreneur working in the world of hoop dance and performance arts.

    hula hoop blog

    Many hoop dancers know SaFire as the webmistress and force behind Hoop City, a community and online forum for hoopers. Well, she’s got lots of irons in the fire, we can tell you. She’s the organizer of Spin Out, a multi-prop festival, and Stitch Rippers, a DIY clothing forum. In addition, she’s a motivational speaker, top notch performer and has gotten to where she is with heaps of hard work and passion. I’m so happy to share her entrepreneurial story with you.

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  • SaFire Featured in an episode of Vice Versa

    Footage of SaFire’s Fright Nights performance was featured in an episode of Vice Versa, you’ll see it around 2:45.

    To celebrate National Hoop day, Groovehoops, a group of people who have been described (by themselves) as a group “manipulating the hoop in ways you never thought possible”, take to the streets to demonstrate what urban hulahooping is all about. Expecting excessively bright colours and a lot of fast thrusting, this is hooping at its most vivid. Special thanks to: Groovehoops.

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  • SaFire Wins her Second Hoopie Award

    This year SaFire won another Hoopie award from This time capturing the hearts of hoopers through a video manifesto for hoop dance. Titled “Love the Process” SaFire shares her lesson of the hoop and the story of her progress by compiling two and half years of footage taken during her practices and performances. Her message is one of dedication and self-acceptance that hits home with hoopers and non-hoopers alike.

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  • She Takes on the World: Woman of the Year Award

    She Takes on the World Award“There are many large publications that publish an annual Women of the Year list and I’m always disappointed when I see the lists populated with female celebrities and women who already have a very high profile, not to say these women haven’t had notable accomplishments. She Takes on the World Women of the Year pays tribute to a diverse group of women ranging from teachers to social innovators to entrepreneurs. These are women we have been inspired by this year in our every day lives. They may not be celebrities -although some of them are well on their way -but one thing is for sure: these bold, fearless women are taking on the world.”

    SaFire - She Takes on the World

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