• Calgary stampede entertainment for the ‘O’ Party!

    This year on Sunday July 14th, 2013 join Safire for the wildest Calgary stampede entertainment of the year. This party will be unlike any other during the week of stampede. Dress up, find your inner diva and dance the night away at the first annual ‘O’ Party. Along with Safire there will be Djs, Hosts, impersonators and more! Show your colours, bring your friends and win prizes!

    Calgary Stampede Entertainment

    Enjoy Calgary stampede entertainment with hosts, impersonators and Safire!

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  • Kids Festival and Banff Entertainment

    Come down and enjoy some Banff entertainment with tons of kids activities and festival entertainment! Join us in mid May for Banff’s first annual Children’s Festival day events. Safire will be there with TONS of hula hoops for all to enjoy! Along with Safire the days activities include a roving magician, bouncy castles, face painting and airbrush artists! These activities are completely free for guests to enjoy! Also check out the main stage shows by the incredible Flying Bob and Sharon and Bram from the Elephant Show!

    The children’s festival is being held at The Banff Centre
    For more information check out the Banff Children’s Festival page.


    Daytime Banff entertainment for children and the whole family!

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  • Beerfest Hula Hoop Dancer – Roving Entertainment

    So I spent the weekend performing Beerfest hula hoop roving for the guests and had an absolute BLAST! It was a super fun event and of course all the guests were all in “high spirits”.

    Even though they had booked out the Shaw Conference Center the event was absolutely PACKED! It was a bit of a challenge to perform with so many people around but it turned out that people were eager to figure out “what is this girl doing with a hula hoop?!?” and so people would step aside and create a circle of space for me to perform. There were also bands playing all night, which made for some excellent music to hoop to! When I was first booked for this gig I thought “Well, I guess I now have the PERFECT excuse to buy a beer stein girl’s costume!” That’s something I love about being an entertainer is you get the excuse to own a lot of ridiculous clothing.

    Some of the highlights from the night include running into an old friend from Fort McMurray! I hadn’t seen Joey in YEARS! I remember going to punk shows 15 years ago and rocking out his band, it makes me happy to hear he’s still making music. Other highlights from the night include, watching drunk people try to hula hoop, “blowing people’s minds” and being offered a drink every two seconds. Naturally I can’t drink while I’m working and in actuality if I’d said ‘yes’ each time… I wouldn’t have made it through even ONE of my roving sets before I would have hit the floor. 😉

    More Photos coming soon!


    Beerfest Hula Hoop Roving Entertainment

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  • Circus Clown Photo Shoot

    I did a fun circus clown photo shoot with the oh so talented JC Battad in January. For this shoot I dressed up as a white circus clown in a costume I’ve used for several events. This character is playful and childlike, a little bit mischievous and a little bit devious. This shoot was especially fun as there was a large group of photographers and models at the event and it was a great opportunity to meet other creative individuals in the city of Calgary. I am looking forward to future shoots with several other talented photographers.

    calgary circus clown entertainment
    calgary circus clown entertainment

    White Circus Clown Costume

    ** These photos were later featured on

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  • Stollery Snowflake Gala – Edmonton Circus Entertainment

    SaFire Dance Inc. provided a range of circus entertainment at this year’s Stollery Children’s Christmas Gala. Some of the acts we booked included stilt walking, juggling, fire eating, fire dancing, contact juggling, balloon twisting and LED hula hooping! The evening included tons of prizes, silent auctions, entertainment, music, dinner and a live band!  I think my favourite part of the night honestly though was when they were drawing the winner for a grand prize of a NEW CAR. Six people were on stage and each had a key with only one of the keys being able to unlock the door. Well… low and behold all six people tried and no one was able to open the door!! Everyone was shocked and confused.
    They decided to allow each guest try their key again and sure enough one woman’s face was a mix of shock and horror as she realized that her key did in fact work! Can you imagine? You wouldn’t even be embarrassed that the key didn’t work the first time because you’d be so overjoyed with the fact that you won!
    The event and decor were absolutely GORGEOUS and we look forward to working with the Stollery Children’s Hospital for next year’s gala event! The lovely gentlemen juggling and stilt walking is the oh so talented Nikolai Smith, an Edmonton based performer.

    Circus Entertainment for an epic Circus Themed Event!

    circus entertainment circus entertainment circus entertainment circus entertainment

    edmonton stilt walker juggler


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  • Edmonton Hula Hoop Classes w/ Flowlab

    This week Alberta Prime Time did a spot on Edmonton hula hoop classes and the local instructor Carla Snow of Flowlab. Both Safire and Carla were featured in the “Around Alberta” television spot.  The spot follows Carla Snow’s experience of transitioning from working as an accountant to working full time as a hula hoop dance instructor and teaching hula hoop classes in Edmonton, Alberta. Carla attended Safire’s local classes in Edmonton years ago and has since launched her own successful class series as well as hula hoop and prop shop.  Check out the video!

    Watch the Interview: The Hula Hoop is Making a Comeback

    Also check out Carla’s website for Edmonton Hula Hoop Classes

    edmonton hula hoop classes

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  • Calgary Hula Hoop Dancer Featured

    Chanel Hula Hoop Inspired Purse

    Hoop bag
    This week an article on Calgary featured Calgary hula hoop dancer “Safire” as a hooper to watch out for in 2013. The article begins with a nod to the recent Chanel bag designed and inspired by hula hoops. The article continues on to say about Safire:

    “Safire is a prime example of a hoop leader today, multifaceted like you wouldn’t believe she is a performer, teacher, writer, photographer, lover of life and very possibly one of the first teachers of hooping for this new generation of hula hoopers out of Canada. Alberta to be more specific! Her Youtube videos spread like wildfire and she has been behind many different initiatives to bring the hula hooping community together.

    A visionary and possibly one of the very first hula hoop instructors to have developed a deeper connection with hula hooping fans across the world thanks to her tutorials online, Safire is also another hooper who holds a very strong background in all things performance, just check out her repertoire. She teaches physical classes in Edmonton and Calgary and travels the world to teach showcase her work at various festivals!”

    Read the full article at Calgary

    Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 2.06.45 AM

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  • Fort McMurray Entertainer at Winterplay

    Winterplay Festival

    Tonight I had an excellent time providing a fire performance at Fort McMurray’s Winterplay Festival. It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a show in Fort Mac and it felt great to share my growth and skills as a fire dancer to my hometown. The event brought hundreds of people down to the Snye river where giant ice skating ranks were set up for guests to skate on while sipping hot chocolate and listening to great music. I provided two fire performances with fire eating, fire poi and fire hula hooping and did my final show just before a massive fireworks display. Other great features of the night included professional figure skaters!!

    I couldn’t help but mention to one of the figure skaters backstage, “OMG! What you do scares me, all the ice, I’d be so scared of hurting myself.” She laughs. “Oh you’re hilarious,” she says and turns to her skating partner, “she just told me she thinks what we do is scary. What about you?” She mentions, “you could burn yourself with all that fire!” We had a good giggle as we stretched and continued to warm up before our sets.

    I’ll try to get some photos and/or videos posted tomorrow after my morning flight back to Calgary. This weekend will be a busy one but looks like it will be another fun-filled weekend!

    Winterplay Festival Fireworks and Fire Show

    The evening included an epic fireworks display!

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  • Hula Hoop Lesson: February 2013

    Keep Both Hands on the Hoop!

    This month’s hula hoop lesson is to challenge yourself to keep BOTH hands on the hoop the ENTIRE time you are hooping! It may sound easy enough but give yourself a minute or two and you’ll discover how difficult it is not to fall into your regular hooping patterns. Check out Safire’s video below for inspiration.

    Also be sure to keep in touch with our Monthly Hoop Challenges on Hoop City to find new ways to challenge and explore your hoop dance practice.

    Hula Hoop Lesson: Challenge yourself to keep BOTH hands on!

    hula hoop lesson

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