So I spent the weekend performing Beerfest hula hoop roving for the guests and had an absolute BLAST! It was a super fun event and of course all the guests were all in “high spirits”.

Even though they had booked out the Shaw Conference Center the event was absolutely PACKED! It was a bit of a challenge to perform with so many people around but it turned out that people were eager to figure out “what is this girl doing with a hula hoop?!?” and so people would step aside and create a circle of space for me to perform. There were also bands playing all night, which made for some excellent music to hoop to! When I was first booked for this gig I thought “Well, I guess I now have the PERFECT excuse to buy a beer stein girl’s costume!” That’s something I love about being an entertainer is you get the excuse to own a lot of ridiculous clothing.

Some of the highlights from the night include running into an old friend from Fort McMurray! I hadn’t seen Joey in YEARS! I remember going to punk shows 15 years ago and rocking out his band, it makes me happy to hear he’s still making music. Other highlights from the night include, watching drunk people try to hula hoop, “blowing people’s minds” and being offered a drink every two seconds. Naturally I can’t drink while I’m working and in actuality if I’d said ‘yes’ each time… I wouldn’t have made it through even ONE of my roving sets before I would have hit the floor. ;)

More Photos coming soon!


Beerfest Hula Hoop Roving Entertainment