I had a blast this weekend working Calgary’s Tattoo Festival. I provided a comedy fire show everyday on the mainstage with fire eating, fire poi and fire hooping. The show also included some audience participation and tattoo related stand up comedy. My favorite part of this event is that all you have to do is ask people one question: “Do you have a tattoo?” and they instantly they start stripping. Who wouldn’t love an event like that?!?

In addition to the stage show I did some roving Stilt Walking and Hula Hooping. I made an effort to interact with and politely distract those who were in the chair getting inked. Everyone was grateful for the happy distraction from the feeling of being tattooed. One gentleman while in the chair stated; “You should be at all the Tattoo Conventions! This is great!” I was happy to help out, I know the feeling of getting inked and having a good distraction can help make the time go by much faster.

For those of you who saw my stage show, I was joking about my “patriotic” tattoo. ; )