• Calgary Mercury Opera

    This past Saturday evening was Mercury Opera’s Calgary production of Fiamma! and the event went off with a bang! This year Safire Entertainment provided a four person troupe fire show as well as our Fire Bird stilt walker. This year’s event was held at the beautiful Old City Hall which was the perfect backdrop and set for three amazing opera singer’s who sung from high up in the balcony.

    “It was a cornucopia of art and performance; a whimsical feast of culture for the senses, explosive vocal virtuosity combined with fiery spectacle designed to take away the autumn chill and heat up Downtown Calgary’s urban landscape. We were the first to see the unveiling of MOCA’s fall programming- beginning with Made in Calgary: 1980s Part 2 as well as installations by famed Max Streicher and Dave Dyment in the hippest pop-culture event of fall 2013.”  – Mercury Opera

    Here are some photos from the evenings event.

    calgary-bird-stilt-walker opera-fire-dance




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  • Fort McMurray Entertainer at Winterplay

    Winterplay Festival

    Tonight I had an excellent time providing a fire performance at Fort McMurray’s Winterplay Festival. It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a show in Fort Mac and it felt great to share my growth and skills as a fire dancer to my hometown. The event brought hundreds of people down to the Snye river where giant ice skating ranks were set up for guests to skate on while sipping hot chocolate and listening to great music. I provided two fire performances with fire eating, fire poi and fire hula hooping and did my final show just before a massive fireworks display. Other great features of the night included professional figure skaters!!

    I couldn’t help but mention to one of the figure skaters backstage, “OMG! What you do scares me, all the ice, I’d be so scared of hurting myself.” She laughs. “Oh you’re hilarious,” she says and turns to her skating partner, “she just told me she thinks what we do is scary. What about you?” She mentions, “you could burn yourself with all that fire!” We had a good giggle as we stretched and continued to warm up before our sets.

    I’ll try to get some photos and/or videos posted tomorrow after my morning flight back to Calgary. This weekend will be a busy one but looks like it will be another fun-filled weekend!

    Winterplay Festival Fireworks and Fire Show

    The evening included an epic fireworks display!

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