Safire’s School Presentations

Safire is a world-renowned circus performer and motivational speaker. She has performed in 16 different countries and has appeared in dozens of television spots, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and more.  Over 10 million people have seen her hoop dance videos. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Lethbridge and uses her experience as an educator to engage students in her school presentations so that they don’t even realize they are learning while they are having fun.

With her first-hand experience of childhood bullying, confidence issues, and self-doubt, Safire shares with her audience what it took for her to believe in herself. Her unique and one-of-a-kind presentation has been seen by over half a million students across Canada.

“It was amazing. Not only did she put on a very unique show she had a powerful message.”

High School Student, CLSC, Canada

“It was awesome. They loved you!”

Sandra Dorowicz, Co-Chair CSLC 2009

“We loved every minute of Safire! She was funny, engaging, down to earth, and the girls really responded to her.

Kristen Szepesy, Go Girl Events

Safire’s School Presentations Demo

Safire Quick Facts

• World-renowned circus performer, performed in 16 countries.
• Her B.Ed. degree allows Safire to use teaching skills to educate & impact students.
• Circus skills amaze & delight students so they listen to her message.
• Female role model, personal stories about self-esteem & confidence.
• Encourages students to love themselves and express themselves.
• Themes: Bullying, Self-Esteem & Confidence, Leadership, Peer Pressure, and Science.

“The kids loved her, she has good rapport, and the audience participation was a highlight.”

Cleta J. Haggerty, Cremona Community Hall Society

“It’s astounding how much talent this performer has!”

AmberLynn Walker, Comedy Dare Devil

Prsentation Topics

Science in the Circus Show

Did you know that science has changed the world we live in?

It’s also dramatically changed the circus!

In this presentation, students will learn about how subjects like science, technology, and design have affected the acts performed in contemporary circuses. A fun-filled variety circus show that ends with an LED dance show that will get kids thinking differently about what math, science, and engineering means.

Grade Suitability: K–12
Duration: 50 mins.

Anti-Bullying and Kindness Show

One of the hardest things that youth deal with today is understanding their place in the world, knowing who they are, and having the confidence to stand up for themselves. Safire’s comedy-variety-circus show features an amazing display of circus arts to grab students’ attention and allow her to share her message about finding joy and passion in one’s life

Times are even harder these days when students face negative experiences not only in the schoolyard but also through inappropriate e-mails, texts, and online social media interactions. Safire addresses the issues of bullying, peer pressure, self-esteem, and self-love — helping young students recognize the importance of believing in themselves.

Feel free to let us know in advance any additional issues your school is dealing with and she can try to work those into her message to your students.

Grade Suitability: K–12
Duration: 45 mins.

“Safire is an amazing performer! Not because of her incredible circus acts, mind-blowing skills, and impossible feats – but because her act is funny, entertaining, and interactive.

Yeats Wong, The Calgary Magic Circle
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