• SaFire Wins her Second Hoopie Award

    This year SaFire won another Hoopie award from Hooping.org. This time capturing the hearts of hoopers through a video manifesto for hoop dance. Titled “Love the Process” SaFire shares her lesson of the hoop and the story of her progress by compiling two and half years of footage taken during her practices and performances. Her message is one of dedication and self-acceptance that hits home with hoopers and non-hoopers alike.

    Edmonton Calgary Circus Performer Childrens Entertainer and Fire Dancer[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmEwVC9x-h4&fs=1&hl=en_US] Read More »

  • She Takes on the World: Woman of the Year Award

    She Takes on the World Award“There are many large publications that publish an annual Women of the Year list and I’m always disappointed when I see the lists populated with female celebrities and women who already have a very high profile, not to say these women haven’t had notable accomplishments. She Takes on the World Women of the Year pays tribute to a diverse group of women ranging from teachers to social innovators to entrepreneurs. These are women we have been inspired by this year in our every day lives. They may not be celebrities -although some of them are well on their way -but one thing is for sure: these bold, fearless women are taking on the world.”

    SaFire - She Takes on the World

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  • Halloween Party Entertainment

    I had a great time this year provide Halloween Party Entertainment at the PNE’s Fright Nights festivities in Vancouver. The event runs for two weeks at the end of October.  Fright Nights brings together performers, roving characters, carnival rides and haunted houses. I provided roving LED hula hooping as a broken doll character as well as a half hour stage show. The show included contortion tricks, ball and chain spinning, blockhead (nails in the nose), hula hooping and audience participation. Fright Nights was an absolute blast and it was great to meet the other performers whom were booked. The fire show was done by Keith the Leaf and freakshow performances were done by none other than Orbax and Pepper of The Monsters of Schlock.

    Safire providing Halloween party entertainment for Fright Nights in Vancouver

    Halloween Party Entertainment
    Watch this video on YouTube!

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  • West Jet Appreciation

    West Jet Logo

    SaFire flew home to visit family for Thanksgiving Holidays and receive appreciation from WestJet when she entertained guests in the terminal. Her flight was delayed and to kill the time she brought out a few hula hoops and shared them with a bored little girl to help pass the time. In the morning she found a grateful e-mail from WestJet with a refund for her entire round trip fight and a $50.00 credit for her next WestJet flight. The message said:

    “I wanted to thank you for keeping our guests entertained during the wait in the airport. You definitely made the delay pass by much quicker for all our guests and Elise (the little girl) looked like she was having so much fun. On behalf of WestJet I send our thanks and I have set up a credit for your next flight. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hula Hooping!”

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  • FAQs

    If you have questions regarding a show please e-mail bookings@safiredance.com

    This page was created to help you find your answer faster and includes common frequently asked questions regarding Safire, hoop dancing in general and where to purchase a quality hoop.

    How long have you been hoop dancing, poi spinning, dancing with fire, etc?
    Since 2006.

    How did you learn?
    Long hours of practice, attending workshops, books, and videos. Years and years of practice is what makes the most improvement.

    Where can I learn to Hoop Dance?
    I am currently offering online classes on hoop dancing, check them out www.hoopcity.ca

    Where can I learn how to Spin Poi?
    1. Check out www.homeofpoi.com for all kinds of information about poi spinning. They have a great online community and video gallery of tricks to get you started.

    2. Also consider the Poi Spinning Book by Michal Kahn. I used this book when I first began poi spinning and it was incredibly helpful and easy to take to park for practices.

    3. Lastly, check out the Instruments of the Now DVDs. These instructional DVDs are detailed and the moves are logically broken down. These DVDs have a LOT of tricks in them and will challenge you to do some pretty advanced moves.

    Where do you get your hoops?
    I make all my own equipment, from fire poi, staves, fire eating torches and all of my hoops.

    Where can I get a Hoop?
    If you’re interested in purchasing a hoop, I am no longer shipping hoops. If you’d like my recommendations on quality hoops check out:

    Day HoopsHoopGirl, Hoopnotica, Slyk Style Hoops. Also check out the HoopCity marketplace to purchase a hoop from someone locally.

    LED Glow HoopsHolistic Hoops, SuperHooper.org, PSI Hoops

    Fire HoopsHoopdrum, Cosmic Fire

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