• Cirque Entertainment

    Safire Dance can book out a range of cirque entertainment and cirque style performers including juggling, contortionists, roue cyr artists, aerialists, fire dancers and more!

    Cirque Entertainment

    Cirque Entertainment

    Cirque Entertainment – Contact Juggler

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  • Stampede Entertainment

    We provided a fun and upbeat fire show for Enmax’s annual stampede entertainment party. the event brings together staff for a night of fun filled activities. The event also included fortune tellers, caricature artists, tasty snacks and a live band. Andrew Bolton captured some great photos of the event and even captured a few shots of the fire show. Here are my favourite photos that he captured! Yes… I know, I look like I’m about to take off in the Triple Fire Hooping photo.    ; )

    stampede entertainment
    stampede entertainment

    Stampede entertainment for Enmax Staff Party

    ** For more information on the Calgary Stampede visit the Calgary Stampede website and check out Flap Jack Finder.com to find a pancake breakfast near you!

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  • Calgary Party Entertainment – Sweet City Celebrations

    Last night was the evening filled with Calgary Party Entertainment at the Calgary 2012’s Sweet City Celebrations event. It was a massive party held at the BMO Centre. The party was in celebration of Calgary being named the Cultural Capital of the World for 2012.  I’ve found a few great photo streams from the event on Flickr if you missed the party and what to see what it was all about.  Check out the photos from the Stampede Promotion Committee and Jame’s Set to see how wild this party was! It was packed with Go-Go Dancers, Superheroes, Bollywood, Luchadors, Food Trucks, Living Statues, Circus artists, DJs, Cowboys, Dragons and amazing light and sound equipment.  The event included over 150 performance artists!

    I performed roving entertainment for the line ups, the lobby area and the VIP guests upstairs before the doors opened to the event, welcoming guests to the evening and creating smiles during the wait. Here’s a few photos from the evening.

    Safire Calgary Hula Hooper Sweet City

    Here’s Dan the One Man Band and I livening up the line up for guests!

    Photo by James

    Calgary Party Entertainment Calgary Party Entertainment

    Calgary Party Entertainment for Sweet City Celebrations

    Photos by Stampede Promotion Committee

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  • Edmonton Entertainment at Taboo

    Hi Guys!

    A few weeks ago I performed at the Edmonton Taboo and I gotta say, it was an absolute blast! Taboo is an event run by CanWest Productions, it brings together retailers for sexy products, workshops on sexuality and provides stage entertainment throughout the night. I performed several roving characters as well as a 20 minute stage act as a Russian Sex Education Teacher. It was a great time! I especially loved when after the show people asked me “How long have you been in Canada?” and “How many languages do you speak?” It took every ounce of strength not to tell them that no, I’m not actually Russian. The attendee who asked how many languages I speak was EXTRA confused when in a thick Russian accent I casually replied, “Only one, is English.”

    Taboo had other fun performers like Joe Francis an amazing comedy hypnotist, Roxy Diva as the Master of Ceremonies for the main stage, and the sweet and talented Lindsay Istace.

    Here’s a few photos from the event taken by Christopher Peel. If you’ve never been to Taboo I suggest you check out the CanWest Productions website, they run it every year all across Western Canada and in Winnipeg.

    Edmonton Entertainment
    Edmonton Entertainment
    Edmonton Entertainment

    Edmonton Entertainment – Stilt walkers, jugglers, hula hoopers and more!

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  • Fire Performers at Mercury Opera

    This week we provided fire performers and a stilt walker for the Mercury Opera Alley ‘Oop event. This event was unlike any other I’ve performed for and it was very unique. There were daytime events for the guests all up and down on Stephen Ave in Calgary and then as dusk drew near the always awesome stilt walker Nikolai Smith drew the crowd down the street and into a narrow alley way. Guests saw spectacles along the way as they moved through the alley, a stunning woman in red with a lantern stood mysteriously on a balcony. At the end of the alley was a silent fire show and then the crowd was then drawn into a cove of buildings where several opera singers sung and an orchestra was revealed when the back door of a haul truck was thrust open.

    The sound of the singers radiated through the alley way and the lighting made me wish I’d brought a camera!
    Photo by JT Young.


    fire performers


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  • Safire Performing at Calgary’s Sweet City Celebration

    ImageNeed plans for this Friday night in Calgary?
    Calgary 2012 is throwing their Sweet City Celebration at the BMO Event Centre this Friday, May 11th. There will be tons of performers and activities to enjoy.  I’ll be there hooping and welcoming guests to the evenings events.

    “Every momentous movement deserves to be launched in style! Help kick-off a full year of cultural activity with the wildest party of the year. Themes are Looking Back, Calgary Now, Looking Forward – and EVERYONE IS INVITED. Featured guests include The Stampeders performing the Cultural Capital theme song, SWEET CITY WOMAN. And dozens of surprise guests, activities and more: Go-Go Dancers! Superheroes! Bollywood! Luchadors! Food Trucks! Performance Artists! Living Statues! Circus! DJs! Cowboys! Dragons! COME DRESSED TO EXPRESS! 

    Bon, c’est bon!!”

    For more information visit:  http://www.calgary2012.com/

    To grab your ticket visit:  http://sweetcity.eventbrite.ca/?ebtv=C

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  • SaFire’s performing at Calgary’s Premiere of The Hooping Life!

    In February Edmonton got a chance to see the infamous documentary The Hooping Life when Carla Snow of Flowlab and Nina of Infinity Hoop Dance brought the show in town. Now the movie is making it’s way south and showing up in Calgary too! Check out the Facebook event page and save the night of March 22nd to see the screening of this piece of hooping history. In addition to the screening there will be music and performances throughout the evening. Safire will be performing her Multi Hoop Electro Swing act so if you missed it at the Cabin Fever event than now’s your chance!

    Hooping Life: Hula Hoop Movie

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