• Safire Performing at Calgary’s Sweet City Celebration

    ImageNeed plans for this Friday night in Calgary?
    Calgary 2012 is throwing their Sweet City Celebration at the BMO Event Centre this Friday, May 11th. There will be tons of performers and activities to enjoy.  I’ll be there hooping and welcoming guests to the evenings events.

    “Every momentous movement deserves to be launched in style! Help kick-off a full year of cultural activity with the wildest party of the year. Themes are Looking Back, Calgary Now, Looking Forward – and EVERYONE IS INVITED. Featured guests include The Stampeders performing the Cultural Capital theme song, SWEET CITY WOMAN. And dozens of surprise guests, activities and more: Go-Go Dancers! Superheroes! Bollywood! Luchadors! Food Trucks! Performance Artists! Living Statues! Circus! DJs! Cowboys! Dragons! COME DRESSED TO EXPRESS! 

    Bon, c’est bon!!”

    For more information visit:  http://www.calgary2012.com/

    To grab your ticket visit:  http://sweetcity.eventbrite.ca/?ebtv=C

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  • Astral Harvest 2012

    The new Astral Harvest website is up!  There will be tons of awesome DJs, performances, workshops and art around the festival. I went last year and had a blast. Not sure if I’ll be able to make it for this year, just got booked in Calgary on the Thursday so it would be a long drive to make up north for this one. We shall see, the party might still call me.  ; )

    Tease yourself with this wicked sampler video from last years festivities.

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  • FAQs

    If you have questions regarding a show please e-mail bookings@safiredance.com

    This page was created to help you find your answer faster and includes common frequently asked questions regarding Safire, hoop dancing in general and where to purchase a quality hoop.

    How long have you been hoop dancing, poi spinning, dancing with fire, etc?
    Since 2006.

    How did you learn?
    Long hours of practice, attending workshops, books, and videos. Years and years of practice is what makes the most improvement.

    Where can I learn to Hoop Dance?
    I am currently offering online classes on hoop dancing, check them out www.hoopcity.ca

    Where can I learn how to Spin Poi?
    1. Check out www.homeofpoi.com for all kinds of information about poi spinning. They have a great online community and video gallery of tricks to get you started.

    2. Also consider the Poi Spinning Book by Michal Kahn. I used this book when I first began poi spinning and it was incredibly helpful and easy to take to park for practices.

    3. Lastly, check out the Instruments of the Now DVDs. These instructional DVDs are detailed and the moves are logically broken down. These DVDs have a LOT of tricks in them and will challenge you to do some pretty advanced moves.

    Where do you get your hoops?
    I make all my own equipment, from fire poi, staves, fire eating torches and all of my hoops.

    Where can I get a Hoop?
    If you’re interested in purchasing a hoop, I am no longer shipping hoops. If you’d like my recommendations on quality hoops check out:

    Day HoopsHoopGirl, Hoopnotica, Slyk Style Hoops. Also check out the HoopCity marketplace to purchase a hoop from someone locally.

    LED Glow HoopsHolistic Hoops, SuperHooper.org, PSI Hoops

    Fire HoopsHoopdrum, Cosmic Fire

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  • SaFire Full Bio

    SaFire is the owner of SaFire Dance: Circus and Fire Entertainment as well as the creator and moderator of Hoop City™. Her journey here began in the summer of 2006 when she saw fire poi and immediately became interested in the fire arts and in prop manipulation. When exposed to hooping while at Shambhala she quickly became obsessed with all things hooping. After completing six years of post-secondary education at the University of Lethbridge, SaFire decided to focus her attention on performance and fire dancing. Graduating with a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in December 2007, SaFire relocated to Edmonton, Alberta where she began working as a performer, hoop dance instructor and motivational speaker.

    Choosing to step aside from teaching in the public school system but with a burning desire to work with youth, SaFire created a 45 minute presentation called Inspire Through Fire, a motivational presentation for K-12 students. The presentation was created to share her passion of fire performance and encourage young people to dream dangerously, ignore the nay sayers and forget the bullies they will encounter in life.

    In February, 2008 SaFire published her first hooping demo on YouTube. Several weeks later she entered the video into the dance category of a talent contest run through Clipstar.com. The contest semi-finals ran for several months and had a preliminary prize of $10,000 with a grand prize of $1,000,000. When the semi-finals finished, SaFire’s video had won and was entered into the finals. Unfortunately the Clipstar finals were cancelled and the grand prize contest never occurred. The video however still holds a strong place in the viral video world, has been featured on various video sites and has a combined an increasing viewer count of well over 4,000,000 people worldwide.

    [vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/3535338 w=600&h=450]

    With a desire to share the hoop, SaFire created a series of hooping tutorials and published them on her YouTube Channel. The tutorials were met with a tremendous amount of positive feedback for their detailed and easy to understand instructions. Her unofficial hoop students voiced their appreciation in January 2009 when she was voted Hoop Instructor of the Year through Hooping.org’s Hoopie Awards. After dozens of requests from hoopers to release an instructional DVD SaFire searched for a method to instruct online. In early 2009, Hoop City was launched where she was finally able to put her education degree and technology specialization into action by creating some of the first online hooping classes available. The classes have been a huge success and currently include over 700 students worldwide. In addition to the online hooping classes, Hoop City has a strong online presence as a community for hoopers to connect, share ideas and locate other hoopers in their area. The community currently has over 6,000 members and is growing daily.

    Future plans for SaFire include running a multi-prop festival in Alberta, traveling around the world and publishing a Children’s storybook about Hula Hooping.

    Major Achievements


    University of Lethbridge
    Bachelor of Education with a Technology Specialization
    Community Health Minor
    Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours

    Keyano College, Fort McMurray
    Visual Arts Diploma

    Performance Highlights

    Inspire Through Fire – Wrote and produced a 45 minute motivational presentation for students K-12.
    International Performer – Has performed on location in Hawaii, Las Vegas, England, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, and all across Canada.

    Global Reach

    YouTube Account – Over 6,500 Subscribers with a viral demo video running over 4 millions views worldwide.
    Creator of HoopCity.ca – Online Hooping Community with over 6,000 hoopers registered worldwide and over 700 students in her online hooping classes.

    Future Projects

    Hula Hooping Hannah – Publishing her first children’s book “Hula Hooping Hannah”
    Stitch Rippers – Creating an online DIY alternative clothing community.

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