• Fire Dance Lessons at Spin Out Fire Festival

    Fire dance lessons, poi, staff, hula hooping, aerials, yoga, dance and more! Over 30 unique workshops!

    Your ticket provides:

    • All playshops, lectures, events, activities, performances, and entertainment.
    • Workshops with local and international instructors
    • Shared accommodation in summer camp style cabins and bunk beds. (Average 8 people per cabin)
    • Toilets and showers on site.
    • Friday Night Potluck Dinner
    • Catered food for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
    • Clothing, fire and flow prop vendors
    • Access to lake, hiking trails and peaceful scenery
    • DJ’s and dance parties to integrate your new skills
    • FOUR days and THREE nights of pure delight and the opportunity to relax with friends and focus on learning.

    Buy tickets online here: http://www.spinoutevents.com
    Buy a ticket in person: Grab a ticket from me or instructors and save on Paypal and credit card charges!! Call me to arrange pick up: 403-973-3211


    A entire weekend filled with circus, friends and fire dance lessons!

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  • Fire Performer at Stollery Children’s Hospital Snowflake Gala

    Just got home from the Stollery Children’s Hospital Snowflake Gala. The event was amazing! This year’s theme was Circus Carnival and they were keen to have a fire performer for the event. Safire Dance provided roving Fire Eating as well as a stage fire show before the evening’s dinner began. We also brought to the events festivities Juggling, LED Hula Hooping, stilt walking and balloon twisting! I’ll have some pictures and video up from the event in a few days.

    One of the evening’s highlights for me was getting to perform inside a circus ring on the main stage! The decor at the Shaw Conference Center was phenomenal!

    Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 11.29.26 PM

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  • Fire Eater Photoshoot

    While attending aerial classes through FireFly Theatre I stayed with some friends in Edmonton. One of those friends is the lovely Amberlynn Walker; a talented freakshow performer from Insane-Entertainment. Amber is quite the creative muse, she’s always full of ideas and will have many projects on the go at once. She has many artistic skills including but not limited to painting, costume design, performance and photography. Here’s a few photos we captured the other day in her studio called The “Where” House. If you’d ever like to learn how to fire eat, her boyfriend Ryan Stock offers professional fire eating courses through their studio. Check out their website at  Insane-Entertainment for more information, or watch his Facebook page Stock at Large to keep in touch about when another workshop will happen.

    Fire Eater

    Fire eater about to eat fire

    Fire Eater

    Fire eater breathing fire

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  • Aerialist Training in Edmonton

    Learning to be an aerialist is proving to be one my hardest challenges to date. For the past few weeks I’ve been up in Edmonton taking training from FireFly Theatre. I took several aerial classes from them years ago in 2008 when they were using space in a gymnastic studio and boy is their new studio space amazing!!

    The classes have been a huge challenge for me both mentally and physically but thankfully all the teachers are spectacular and the energy there is really positive and uplifting. If I’m struggling with a move there is undoubtably always someone there to cheer me on. Everyone in each class is so supportive of each other and I’m sad to already be half way through the 6 week courses. I don’t really know what my plans are with aerial or if I’ll ever feel that I’m good enough to perform. I’m trying to live by my own advice and “love the process”; to focus on enjoying the experience of this new challenge without placing expectations on my progress.

    If you ever get the desire to tone up and turn upside down, go see FireFly and sign up for some classes!


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  • Trade Show Entertainment – Calgary Tattoo Festival

    In October I provided roving and stage trade show entertainment for the Calgary Tattoo Festival. Here’s more photos from my show at this year’s Calgary Tattoo Festival. These images were captured by Elizabeth Joyal. In addition to fires shows I also provided roving stilt walking and roving hula hooping to help entertain guests on the trade show floor. My favorite was definitely the roving hula hooping as I was able to perform for people who were actually getting tattooed. Many of them were very thankful and smiled at the opportunity to enjoy a fun distraction from the physical feeling of being tattooed.


    Trade Show Entertainment at the Calgary Tattoo Festival

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  • Halloween Party Entertainment

    Had a great time this Saturday providing Halloween party entertainment in Edmonton. The guests were all dressed up and excited to enjoy a night of dancing, music and entertainment. I provided roving stilt walking as guests arrived, a comedy show before dinner and roving contact juggling after dinner. For more information about our Halloween shows and characters  be sure to also check out Safire’s performance video from Fright Nights in Vancouver.

    halloween party entertainment

    Trick or Treat?

    halloween party entertainment

    Safire’s Comedy LED Hoop Show

    halloween party entertainment halloween party entertainment halloween party entertainment

    Contact us today for your Party Entertainment!

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  • Screamfest Fire Dancer – Fire Hula Hoop, Fire Eating, Poi and Staff

    I’ve been having a blast performing the past few weekend at Screamfest. Here’s some photos the lovely and talented AmberLynn Walker of Insane Entertainment snapped during one of my hoop performances. I’ve been providing fire shows on the Calgary Stampede main stage doing comedy acts with fire eating, fire poi, fire staff and three fire hoops.

    Check out the photos below from one of my fire hoop sets. Thanks Amber!!

    Screamfest Fire Dancer

    Screamfest Fire Dancer

    Screamfest Fire Dancer

    Screamfest Fire Dancer

    Screamfest Fire Dancer

    Screamfest Fire Dancer

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  • Calgary Tattoo Festival 2012 – Fire Dancing, Stilt Walking and Hula Hoop Dancing

    I had a blast this weekend working Calgary’s Tattoo Festival. I provided a comedy fire show everyday on the mainstage with fire eating, fire poi and fire hooping. The show also included some audience participation and tattoo related stand up comedy. My favorite part of this event is that all you have to do is ask people one question: “Do you have a tattoo?” and they instantly they start stripping. Who wouldn’t love an event like that?!?

    In addition to the stage show I did some roving Stilt Walking and Hula Hooping. I made an effort to interact with and politely distract those who were in the chair getting inked. Everyone was grateful for the happy distraction from the feeling of being tattooed. One gentleman while in the chair stated; “You should be at all the Tattoo Conventions! This is great!” I was happy to help out, I know the feeling of getting inked and having a good distraction can help make the time go by much faster.

    For those of you who saw my stage show, I was joking about my “patriotic” tattoo. ; )

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  • Screamfest 2012 Fire Dancer – Calgary Haunted House Fire Performances

    This year I’ll be performing at Screamfest in Calgary held on the Stampede grounds. The event includes haunted houses, spooky characters, unique and crazy entertainment. Fellow performers that will be doing shows all month include Ryan Stock and AmberLynn of Insane Entertainment. This duo performed on the Discovery Channel’s Guinea Pig and have been entertaining audiences all around the world with their sideshow performances.  Shows will be Fridays and Saturday every weekend of October and the 26th to the 31st as well!

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  • Las Vegas Fire Dancing

    I was in Vegas last week to attend Photoshop World, an annual photography and Photoshop conference. It was an absolute blast!! I used to teach darkroom photography, digital photography and graphic design to high school students and I’ve missed that part of my life tremendously. Attending Photoshop World was a gift to myself to help rekindle my visual arts spirit. The entire event was filled with excellent workshops from the world’s best instructors, hilarious geeky inside jokes and other attendees that felt like long-time friends instantly. I made lots of friends, learned so many things, was inspired and am excited to go back again next year.

    My new friend Sharon wrote a blog about the event and joined another fellow photographer and myself for an LED and fire photo shoot. Check out some of her photos and blog at Hell Ziggy.

    More photos coming soon!

    Las Vegas Fire Dancing

    Las Vegas Fire Dancing

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